I seriously don’t get the point of rage comics.

Seriously, what is the point? You take precut faces and memes from a thousand centuries ago and you mash them together into comics that, frankly, are often not that funny.

You’re just documenting your day with unoriginal bullshit. Why don’t you try drawing a comic for real, anyway? Or telling a legitimate story in legitimate story format? Why do you need to use this cookie cutter bullshit? It’s so infuriating. Holy fuck of fucks. @_@ They are literally all over the internet like a disease.



So guys didja hear?

Since New York State passed marriage equality laws, many are claiming there’ll be a natural disaster soon, cause you know, God is gonna punish us…. ready now? These brilliant minds of science tell us the following…

"@OWt_Ass_Centaur: So now gay marriage is legal in NY…wonder what natural disaster God has in store for this state?!…"

"@jaydavis85: God is getting ready to punish New York."

(via @homophobes on Twitter, a good account to follow. It’s rage inducing, but I recommend it).

Why do people like this exist, and why are they allowed to reproduce?

Let’s talk about fake people.

Fake people.

Fake people are all over the place, and honestly, to me, there is nothing worse than being a shallow, two-faced, trash talking asshole.

My rage towards people who are fake has some deep roots, and the majority of them began in high school. During junior year, I became friends, for roughly 4 or 5 months, with some people in a group that I attempted to get into after the epic fallout from my last break up.

I was never more than half in this group. I felt like I had to be friends with these people in order to fit in to some sort of niche. However, after a few months, the majority of them turned their backs on me and a few of my other close friends for seemingly no reason. I dunno, maybe we weren’t cool enough for their *awesome* gang. So we were essentially ditched and dropped by the large majority of them abruptly. The situation was ugly.

Things got bitter. Eventually, some members of this group apologized and felt bad, and currently, I talk to and hang out with some of them. Roughly half are just complete assholes, and they continue to get worse with every day. However, this was only after being left out of the big prom bus we were supposed to all be on for no reason because the person(s) in charge were, well, shallow fuckfaces.

Point is, a lot of hurt was passed around simply because some people find it necessary to act like lying, shallow, two-faced, cheap plastic asshats with nothing better to do than stew in how cool they *think* they are.

Honestly, instead of being subtly left out and hurt, I would’ve preferred if one of them just told me to my face they didn’t like me. But this doesn’t happen. They don’t have the courage.

Guys, fake people are the bane of social growth and harmony. They foster bad feelings and angry reactions, and they could occasionally lead to violence. The fake fucks I dealt with in high school are not the only ones out there. I’ve met plenty in college, and the fact that tumblr is literally teeming with them makes me want to vomit.

Don’t give these idiots a shred of your attention. I’m not telling you to follow them or unfollow them or anything. I’m telling you not to pump up their inflated egos more than it all ready is.

On a more personal note, here are some things I want to get out in the open:

  1. Stop going to college and smoking pot in an attempt to cover up your personality. You’re a jackass, and you’re a fake fucker, and you hurt several people I love for no good reason. The only reason I never called you out was because somebody important to me told me to keep my mouth shut. Know that I hate you, I never forgave you, things were never settled, and that I know more about you than you think.
  2. Lol, your low cut v-neck shirts showing off a stylish tuft of hair are downright pathetic, and oftentimes disgusting. Did you really tell one of my friends to lie to me and tell me the party was off so you could go and I couldn’t? Lol. He told me everything, and you’re a prick. :) I went anyway, and I had a great time. Continue to bitch about a year and a half old conflict. Nobody cares. I tried to let bygones be bygones, but you won’t let this settle. I would love to see you bitch to my face, but you don’t have the balls.
  3. You’re actually not going to tear one of my close friends a new asshole. Because I’ll be there to defend him, along with several other people. Don’t try it.
  4. There’s a reason your last name is a reproductive organ. You’re a scumbag, simple as that. She could do better, you know.

And for those hawking this post to get me in trouble, no threats were made or intended from my words. I’m simply expressing myself. If anything, it would escalate to nothing more than heated dialogue.

I am absolutely fucking miserable.

Tonight was a perfectly good night, a perfectly fun night. We bowled. I bowled 135 one game, and I was pretty happy about it. Then I was driven home by my good friend Todd, and I was pretty happy.

Until I realized I lost my scarf. My precious white scarf… this wasn’t any old white scarf. This scarf was a precious memento from my lovely girlfriend.

She had brought a plain white scarf, and, taking Sharpie to the fabric, she covere dit with memories, anecdotes, silly and adorable pictures. Countless totems of our love, and she drew it all by hand.

And like a fucking asshole airheaded fuckface, I left it behind and left without it. Precious memory? Gone.


Tumblr keeps going down!!!


Well excuuuuuuuuse meeeee, princess!

My rage at this photo’s existence is intense.


Well excuuuuuuuuse meeeee, princess!

My rage at this photo’s existence is intense.